Arrive & Drive

Innisfil Indy Rookie Kart League


  • CMP / GP Karts are provided in a controlled and Professional Racing Environment.Winter Special $99.99
  • This Series is for Beginner and/or Rookie Drivers of all ages, starting at 8 years of age.
  • Different Track Configurations with a speed up to 80 km/hr.
  • Racing and Practice is scheduled biweekly from April to October.
  • Track open daily for additional practice.
  • Annual Mandatory Membership Fee $199.99 (+hst) , Membership card must be presented at practice and race days.
  • Race Day Entry Fee $70 (+hst) per event, (includes transponder rental, 1 practice sessions + 5 qualifying + 15 laps final points race).
  • Medallions for each event (1st- 3rd).
  • End of the year Award Ceremony.
  • Champion Receives trophy and sponsorship for the next seasons membership to Innisfil Kart Club (awarded to Champion at year end banquet).
  • Rules and Regulations, including schedules, are posted on our website.
  • Please call for more information or email us at

Youth Series
Ages: 8-12

Teen Series
Ages: 12-18

Adult Series
Must Be 18+

Any Other Day Practice

10 minutes $40.00*(+hst)

20 minutes $60.00*(+hst)

30 minutes $70.00*(+hst)

Please call for an appointment.

*Innisfil Indy Rookie Kart League Membership Required

Choose one of the days

Members are required to pay the first two race entry fee dates upfront to secure registration. This is non-refundable. Any other dates missed can be made up on any other day if called in adavance.

All racing events will run Rain or Shine. All members must dress for the weather. No skin exposed.

All members are required to read and understand the Rules and Regulations posted on our website and obey track officials. Cancellation of scheduled dates can be done by email at: or by calling: 905-775-4686.

Arrive and Drive Innisfil Indy Rookie Kart League

Group A runs biweekly on Tuesdays; Group B runs biweekly on Thursdays and Group C runs biweekly on Saturdays. Depending on registration numbers groups may be combined. Upon registration please select your preferences of Group A/B/C. There are 12 Race events scheduled and an Endruo Fun Race at the end of the season. The Driver’s top 10 race events will be used for points in the Arrive and Drive Innisfil Indy Rookie Kart League Championship.

Rules and Regulations

Innisfil Indy Rookie Kart League version: 2017/02/01

1 – Introduction

Innisfil Indy Rookie Kart League

Contact Information: Innisfil Go-Karts
2006 Gilford Rd
Gilford, Ontario L0L 1R0
(905) 775-46-86

Welcome to the Innisfil Indy Rookie Kart League presented by Innisfil Indy Go-Karts and Innisfil Kart Club. Innisfil Indy Go-Karts is responsible for event promotion and execution following specific guidelines set forth by ASN Canada FIA. ASN Canada FIA is the governing authority for Kart Racing across Canada.

The Innisfil Indy Rookie Kart League introduced at Innisfil Indy Go-Karts is for members who have and would like to participated in our organized Arrive and Drive racing program designed for rookie and/or beginners of all ages. The events are organized and professionally run with an emphasis
put on driver development within a safety first approach.

The Innisfil Indy Rookie Kart League provides a friendly environment for the whole family to enjoy. The Arrive and Drive philosophy stems from the basic concept that everything is provided. Members pay an annual membership fee and associated race day fees for the races that they choose to enter. From there everything is provided from the high performance racing kart, licensing and training. We take pride in offering well prepared racing karts through a systematic maintenance program that translates into maximum reliability and competitive racing. The Innisfil Indy Rookie Kart League is a great way for amateur racing enthusiasts to experience the thrill of racing at an affordable price.

2 – Spirit and Intent

No pretense is made of having designed a foolproof set of rules and regulations. Karting is a sport designed for the overall enjoyment of all participants and/or their families. There have been attempts to test the rules by deviating from this purpose for which we organize events. The spirit and intent of the rules are the standard by which the events will be guided. Innisfil Indy Rookie Kart League Version: 2017/02/01

3 – Disclaimer

The rules and regulations set forth herein are designed to provide orderly conduct of racing events. By participating in these events members are deemed to have understood and accept the rules and regulations herein. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from the publication or compliance of these rules. Rules can be modified without notice and it is the responsibility of the members to stay current with any and all updates. These rules are in no way a guarantee against any injury, serious injury, or death to any participant and/or spectators.

4 – Membership

It must be understood that membership is mandatory and a granted privilege to members that participate within the rules and regulations set forth in this package. Only current Innisfil Indy Rookie Kart League members in good standing are authorized to participate in an Innisfil Indy Rookie Kart League event.

4.1) Good Faith – Members must promote in good faith the Innisfil Indy Rookie Kart League, Innisfil Indy Go-Karts and the sport of karting with the aim of creating awareness of the program, increasing membership, and developing a positive public interest.

4.2) Duration – The Membership of Innisfil Indy Rookie Kart League is seasonal and only valid for the karting season. The season runs from April 1 to November 1 of the calendar year.

4.3) Registration – All members must complete the registration process and pay all associated fees before using the track. Members must attend an on-track training session before entering an organized racing event.

4.4) Waiver and Release – All participants must complete the Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement before participating in any on-track activity. By signing the documents all participants fully understand the risks involved and fully accept all conditions.

4.5) Membership Cards – All members are required to purchase their photo ID card. This card MUST be present at registration and will verify the member’s eligibility. Replacement cards may also be purchased.

4.6) Conduct – All members must conduct themselves in an orderly manner. Physical or verbal abuse towards any participant, official, member, spectator or individual may subject the offender to immediate ejection from the event and possible suspension of their membership.

4.7) Safety – The Innisfil Indy Rookie Kart League is a safety first program. Members must abide by all rules and procedures to ensure a safe environment.

4.8) Good Health – It is the responsibility of the member to be in good health both mentally and physically prior to competing in any event.

5 – Membership and Race Day Fees

Yearly membership fee is $199.99 +HST. Race day fees are $60.00 +HST. Entry fees for special events will be adjusted according to the event. Membership fees and race day fees are non-refundable.
A yearly joint Innisfil Indy Rookie Kart League / Innisfil Kart Club membership is available for $224.99+HST ($149.99 + $150.00 +HST)

6 – Cancellation Procedure and Deposit Refund

Innisfil Indy Rookie Kart League members must pay the equivalent to two race day fees up front when choosing their racing schedule. This deposit must be on account prior to competing in any event. It is the responsibility of all members to cancel any event that they cannot attend. Members must cancel these events 24hrs in advance, by emailing confirmation of their cancellation to

Cancelled events must be made up prior to the completion of the season by participating on another schedule. Members who have cancelled any event can simply show up to any other schedule to do their make-up. Please do not call the track. Innisfil Indy Rookie Kart League members who complete the season (min. 8 races) are eligible for the refund of their deposit at the end of the season. Members who intend to participate in the following year will simply roll over their deposit to the next calendar year provided that they have completed the season. Members who are not returning need to request their deposits back and MUST send written confirmation to prior to January 1st of the following year. Upon receipt of your request Innisfil Indy Go-Karts will verify that you have followed the instructions and send your deposit back to you by mail prior to January 31.
Members who do not cancel any event that they do not attend or members who do not complete makeup events for any cancelled event will forfeit their deposit.

7 – Class Structure

Innisfil Indy Rookie Kart League CLASS STRUCTURE

TEEN 12 TO 18




8 – Race Day Procedures

8.1) Registration – Members must register prior to any scheduled on-track activity. Registration will open approximately 45 minutes prior to the start time of any scheduled event. Members must pay the Innisfil Indy Rookie Kart League race day fee and sign the insurance waiver in person prior to competing in any on-track event. At registration, if a race suit and gloves are required drivers must either rent or have the option to purchase a race suit and gloves.

8.2) Open Practice – Upon completion of registration members will participate in open practice. Open practice runs for approximately 5 minutes for each class, with 2 practice session for each class. During the open practice session drivers wait for their name and group to be called and participate in the practice sessions organized into groups based on the three racing divisions (youth, teen, and adult).

8.3) Qualifying – Upon completion of open practice, drivers will be put into race groups based on their division and their weight. The race groups will be posted and Group 1 will begin qualifying. Qualifying is approximately a 5 minute session which is used to determine your starting position for the race. Your fastest lap of the qualifying session will be recorded by an official and that will be used to determine your starting position. Fastest driver of the session will start first. Occasionally there may be an issue with an individual kart timer. If no time is recorded for a driver, that driver will start last.

8.4) Race – Your qualifying position will determine your spot. Drivers will be put in their proper position prior to heading onto the race track. Races will be approximately 15 laps. Points will be awarded based on your finishing position. Occasionally there may be a mechanical issue with an individual kart during a race. Unfortunately mechanical issues are part of racing and your finishing position will hold.

Races will run RAIN or SHINE. It is the sole discretion of Innisfil Indy Go-Karts to determine whether or not the race shall be run. Unique weather conditions may warrant a cancelled event. In the event of cancellation, Innisfil Indy Go-Karts will post information on the website and facebook to inform members of the cancellation. Be sure to follow us for the latest.

9 – Racing Rules

9.1) Driver Apparel – NO SKIN EXPOSED. No exceptions. Drivers are required to cover all exposed skin. One piece karting specific Racing Suits are mandatory. Suits and other mandatory karting specific equipment is available for sale or rent at the track. Long hair must be properly tied and tucked in a manner to avoid loose hair being exposed. Drivers may use their own helmets if it meets specific safety standards. A full faced visor and SNELL approval is required. Helmets are provided by the track as well.

9.2) Driver’s Meeting – Driver’s meetings may take place at any given time during an event. The meetings will be used to clarify race day procedures and stress racing rules. The conductor of the meeting may introduce new rules at his or her discretion. It is the responsibility of the member to be present at all meetings.

9.3) Pit Lane – The pit lane is a restricted area. Drivers may enter the pit lane only when given permission by an official. When driving through the pit lane, Drivers must proceed with extreme caution. Speeding in the pits will result in a penalty.

9.4) Stand-By Procedures - While waiting for their next session, drivers must wait on 'stand-by' outside of the Pit Lane.

9.5) Starts – Drivers will line up in single file formation. Drivers will be put in order based on their qualifying time. It is the driver’s responsibility to maintain their starting position during the formation lap. The formation lap is run under yellow flag conditions and passing is prohibited. If for whatever reason a driver drops out of their starting position, it is the driver’s responsibility to re-establish their starting position before the start of the race if possible. Tire scrubbing is prohibited. Racing will only begin when the starter waves the green flag indicating the start of the race.

9.6) Passing – Passing is permitted during any on-track activity provided the course is green. When passing another kart driver’s must exercise caution. An over taking kart which gets more than half way alongside another kart safely before a corner has the right of way. Drivers must maintain a consistent line. Contact between two karts is prohibited. Blocking a competitor is not allowed. In each circumstance track officials will use their judgement to encourage fair play. Drivers who abuse their rights on-track will be issued penalties and are subject to further discipline.

9.7) Exiting the Track – Upon completion of any session or any time a driver wishes to exit the track it is their responsibility to raise one hand and slowly enter the pit lane. The raising of your hand lets your competitors know that you are about to leave the racing surface. Blend lines should be followed when possible.

9.8) Direction of Travel – Drivers may never drive in the opposite direction of the race under any circumstances.

9.9) Stopping on Track – If a driver experiences a problem on the course it is their responsibility to pull over safely. Pulling onto the grass is recommended. Always stay in your karts with your helmets on until otherwise directed from an Official

10 – FLAGS

10.1) Green – Course is clear. Drivers may lap safely at their own speed.

10.2) Yellow – Proceed with caution. Somewhere on the track a kart is being attended to. It is your responsibility to proceed with caution through the incident zone. There is no passing allowed when a yellow flag is out.

10.3) Black – Discipline flag. It can be displayed in two ways, rolled up and pointed to you or waved. When rolled up and pointed you have been issued a warning for improper on-track conduct. You may stay on track. When waved, you have been eliminated from an event for putting yourself or a
competitor at risk. When waved, drivers are expected to exit the race track as soon as possible.

10.4) Red – Racing must stop immediately. There is an incident on the course which requires the officials full attention. You must come to a complete stop safely and as quickly as possible. Remain stopped until given further instruction. Pulling onto the grass and shutting off your engine is recommended.

10.5) White Flag – Indicates there is one more lap to go before the Checkered Flag.

10.6) Checkered – End of session. Your session has come to an end. Please exit the track next time by safely with one hand in the air.

11 – Championship Points and Awards

11.1) Points Table – Points are awarded based on your finishing position. Please see chart below.
1st place - 10 points
2nd place – 8 points
3rd place - 6 points
4th place – 5 points
5th place - 4 points
6th place – 3 points
7th place – 2 points
8th place – 1 point
9th place – 0 points
10th place – 0 points

Championship points are calculated as follows: Points from your best 8 of 10 regular season races from your daily scheduled race night will determine your total regular season score. If you did not complete 8 races on your individual daily schedule, but you did complete a total of at least 8 races on any nights through the season, points are awarded as follows: Individual daily schedule races are counted and scored first Points from your best races on other nights to a total of 8 races will then be included
eg. If you completed 6 races on your individual daily schedule, and 4 additional races on other nights, your regular season points total would be your 6 individual daily races plus your 2 best races from the other night races.

To be eligible for the semi-finals you must complete a minimum of 8 races throughout the regular season.
Points for semi-finals will be awarded at 1.5 times the above points chart (Ex. Win=15 points)
To be eligible for the finals you must compete in the semi-finals
Points for finals will be awarded at 2 times the above points chart (Ex. Win=20 points)
Your overall points total is calculated by adding the total of your 8 regular season results plus your semi-final score plus your final score.

11.2) Championship Ties – In the event of a tie in the overall standings the driver with the most race wins will win the tie breaker. If still tied most poles, most 2nd place finishes, most 3rd place finishes, etc.

11.3) Daily Awards – A podium presentation will conclude each event. The top three from each class will be presented daily awards for their achievements.

11.4) Championship Awards – A year end celebration will be organized to honour the season’s champions. Details as to the date and venue will be published throughout the year. Champions receive scholarships to race in the Innisfil Indy Kart Club.

Innisfil Indy Rookie Kart League Version: 2017/02/01

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