Innisfil Indy to host Rotax Qualifying events

Northern Ontario Karting Championship
Hosted by Innisfil Kart Club

INNISFIL, ONTARIO - The Innisfil Indy has announced that they will be hosting 2011 Rotax qualifying events as part of the Innisfil Kart Club schedule. "We are very happy to be able to host Rotax qualifying events this year at the Innisfil Indy as part of the Innisfil Kart Club schedule," Innisfil Indy owner Tony Launi said.

The Rotax qualifying events will be called the Northern Ontario Karting Championship (NOKC), and the schedule will be released soon. Drivers wishing to qualify for the ASN Canada FIA Canadian Nationals must compete in at least three qualifying events before August 1, 2011.

The NOKC events will compete under RMC regulations, and all NOKC events will offer the full compliment of Rotax classes: Rotax DD2, Rotax Senior, Rotax Junior, Rotax Mini Max and Rotax Micro Max.

Innisfil Indy owner Tony Launi has sweetened the pot by adding to the two previously announced Bridgestone Cup prizes - where one senior and one junior will be awarded a free ride courtesy of Innisfil Indy - to be included as part of the NOKC champion's awards.

"We want to be able to offer one senior and one junior of the NOKC a substantial prize for winning the series," Tony Launi said. "These two drivers will join the two drivers that win the prizes with the Innisfil Kart Club."

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